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Pumped Storage

Ludington Pumped Storage

Over a three year period Gerace Construction performed work on three separate contracts during the fall plant outages on the Ludington Pump Storage Plant's intake structure and asphalt liner.

2008 - Gerace performed various concrete repairs to the intake structure. These included work above and below water. Gerace utilized our in-house dive team to perform the underwater work. Additional work also included new piezometer and crack monitoring devices on the retaining walls.

2009 - Gerace removed deformed asphalt from the reservoir's liner and re-laid new asphalt on the slope. Additionally once the asphalt was removed Gerace installed a drainage system to capture water that penetrates the reservoir's liner. The work was performed on a 24 hour 7 day schedule to minimize generation downtime. Additional Piezometer instrumentation was installed within the drainage system to monitor the liner leakage.

2010 - Gerace self-performed concrete demolition, formwork and patching of deteriorated concrete on the intake structure.

Ludington, MI

2008, 2009, 2010
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