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Dam Rehabilitation

Vernon Station Re-powering

Gerace Construction was the General Contractor hired to perform the Vernon Station Re-powering Project. The goal was to repower units 5, 6, 7, and 8 which have been out of commission for the past 15 years. The project consisted of removal of the existing Francis Turbines, Demo of the surrounding concrete structure, Reconfiguration of the new concrete structure, installation of 4 new Kaplan Turbines, installation of 4 (4 megawatt) generators, installation of 4 intake roller gates system, and draft tube gates. The main challenge consisted of performing all of this work in an active powerhouse with 6 other units staying on-line. Demo consisted of just over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete and rock reaching 75' below the operating deck. 450 rock anchors were placed during demolition to obtain structural stability of the dam. During the build back stages Gerace Construction poured 5,200 cubic yards of concrete along with 290 tons of re-steel. Gerace utilized over 130 employees around the clock for 18 months to complete this project. Additionally Gerace employed 40 millwrights to accomplish the simultaneous installation of all 4 units. In the spring of 2008 all 4 units were commissioned and on-line.

Vernon, VT

August 2006 - March 2008
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